I'm not going to insult your intelligence and promise you a "magic bullet". Instead, I'm going to guarantee that if you can spend 30 minutes a day learning Derryl Gabel's hottest tricks, shorcuts and techniques that you'll go from where you are now... to the guitar freak zone in 3 short months.

Dear Serious Guitarist,

Few guitarists will become "guitar freaks". However, if you have the burning desire to possess world-class chops that can truly make the jaw of any dude drop to the floor (including veteran guitar players), then read on... because I've found a guy who can get you there. His name is Derryl Gabel.

Derryl is actually famous among pro guitarists. He's close friends with legends such as Greg Howe. He's played on the albums of guys like George Lynch. He's received raving testimonials from some of the greatest guitar players that have ever lived.

Here's Your "Guitar Freak" Instructor: Derryl Gabel

A couple of months ago, I was looking for the "next level" and I decided to hire Derryl to teach me. He shared tricks and techniques I've never even heard of before, and I've been around the block for a while.

So, I negotiated with him and asked him to put together "The Ultimate Fusion Guitar Secrets" package. It's a massive 4 DVD course that comes with a 234 page "Guitar God Bible". Here's what you're going to learn:

Listen to this Smooth Melodic Sample

 Push play. I personally love
this amazing melodic phrasing...

DVD 1:
Cool Legato Phrases I

  • How to easily sequence short musical ideas into long arpeggio and pentatonic phrases... with very little picking involved! This is how you can take a sweet little melody and transform it into an epic solo.

  • You'll love the "diatonic stacking" methods... You start with triads, and then move on to 7th arpeggios. This technique will create an awesome framework for moving beyond that "intermediate zone" where most guitarists are stuck at.

  • Then you'll take this diatonic stacking concept to the next level by learning to play groupings of 5, 6, and 7 notes within each arpeggio. Even most 30 year guitar veterans don't have a clue about this.

"Guitar Freak" Paul Gilbert

  • Instant "killer legato phrases" with 3-note-per-string triad ideas. You'll be amazed how quickly your playing improves once you get used to the wide stretch method. Prepare to thrill and amaze other guitarists (and yourself) when you do this.

  • Learn how to take the 3-note-per-string idea and play it through a II-V-I progression. Master this example and you'll be playing freaky advanced licks in record time. (Plus you'll actually understand the theory behind it so you can apply it anywhere, anytime)

  • How to apply the diatonic sequencing concept to pentatonic scales. Learn amazing licks using pentatonic groupings of 3, 4, 5, 6, and even 7 notes.

  • The "hybrid" major/minor harmony idea that lets you create an endless barrage of amazing legato phrases. (Get even more wicked by applying these ideas to the harmonic minor and melodic minor scales.)

Press Play to Watch
Derryl Teaching "313" Pentatonics
(Tabs Included)

  • Learn new "heptatonic" scale ideas that 99.9% of guitarists never even knew existed, but will skyrocket you to the guitar freak level as fast as humanly possible...

  • Elite arpeggio concepts using string skipping and tapping... These are NOT a bunch of pointless exercises - these are the actual techniques that Derryl uses to create blazing licks and runs in his mind blowing solos.

DVD 2:
Cool Legato Phrases II

  • You'll see and hear how Derryl uses the whammy bar to add soulful phrasing to make a legato lick come alive. This is one of Jeff Beck's favorite techniques too.

  • A dazzling array of killer examples that show how advanced players use position shifting (both backwards and forwards) along with tapping to play mindboggling licks.

"Guitar Freak" Steve Vai

  • How to combine sweep picking and tapping. Also, how to combine string skipping and tapping. Fans of virtuosos like Shawn Lane and Allan Holdsworth will love this stuff...

  • Astonishing licks using 2 finger tapping, with each tapping finger playing a different string. Try this trick live and watch the crowd go wild.

  • Don't be surprised when your friends start calling you a "guitar freak", especially when you start playing these 6 note per string licks using all 4 fingers on the left hand plus 2 additional tapped notes.

  • And way too many other tricks and techniques to list here. Let's move on to:

DVD 3:
Pentatonic Passages

"Guitar Freak" Joe Satriani

  • How to break out of the pentatonic boxes to make your solos sound fresh and exciting.

  • The powerful "313313" concept combined with rolling patterns that will give you that ultra-hot pro sound that you love. What's cool about it, is you can use sweep picking to go lightning fast while still sounding clean.

  • If you even learn how to do 10% of the advanced 313313 variation, your friends won't freaking believe your playing. They'll be saying to you: Where the @#$% did you learn to play like that?

Want to Learn How to Play Lightning Fast,
Smoothly Like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai?

  • Finally, learn how to fly from the bottom to the top of the neck in less than 3 seconds smoothly and quickly. This is the secret that guys like Satriani and Vai use all the time.

  • How you can integrate wicked pentatonic groupings that can make your leads sound like a true Guitar God solo. You'll learn tons of amazing variations such as, groupings of 4, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets and beyond.

Press Play to Watch
Derryl Showing Pentatonic Groups of Four
(You Get Tabs to This and Everything Else)

  • Wait until you start using the vertical pentatonic patterns in your licks. It's going to take your playing to the next dimension. No doubt about it. Pay close attention around the 20 minute mark of this DVD. Derryl shows you tons of wicked variations on this hot technique.

  • And there's tons of more mindblowing stuff that is going to totally change your playing.

DVD 4:
Outside Secrets

As the title says, this is FAR OUT stuff.

  • Learn to take your playing "outside" of the box using chromatic passing tones, playing in multiple pentatonic scales, and by using the melodic minor scale.

  • Want to be able to play truly "evolved" lines? Then pay attention while Derryl reveals the secrets of playing with multiple melodic minor scales. This is way beyond all but the most sophisticated players. But, you'll understand exactly how and why it works (and more importantly you'll be able to do it yourself).

  • Learn how to apply the whole-half diminished and half-whole diminished scales that few guitarists ever discover. You'll love the exotic sound of this... It makes your ears say "WOAH".

Listen to this Jazzy Classic

 Here's A wild track featuring some modern jazz fusion guitar.

By the way, I should mention that:

You Get Guitar Tabs For
Every Example On Every DVD!

Here's more stuff in "Outside Secrets"...

  • The super cool "Parker concept" and "Coltrane concept" that give you an amazing array of new scale choices.

  • Understand how the various scales start to overlap with specific tones, like the flat five, sharp five, flat nine, and sharp nine. You'll learn how to put it all together in this amazing DVD.

  • Spice up an ordinary rock or blues progression using the mixolydian mode, dorian mode, the lydian dominant mode, or even transposed pentatonics. Learn exactly which mode to play over which type of chord.

And that's just the DVDs! Yet even MORE transformative is the incredible 234-page Derryl Gabel Technique Book. This is essentially...

"The Ultimate
Fusion Guitar Bible"

It's 234 pages of mindblowing pro secrets broken down into simple instructions, step-by-step explanations and detailed tabs. Here's a small sample of what you're going to learn:

  • Learn how to master the triadic chords and progressions all over the neck. This is one of the building blocks to fretboard mastery. (Pages 3 to 5)

  • What if you could take any basic chord and transform it into exotic ear candy by adding one simple yet unusual note to it. You'll learn exactly how to do this on pages 7 to 9.

  • Finally, leave the basic chords behind and bring your songs and solos out of the predictable patterns and sound by discovering how pros like Derryl integrate Major 7ths, Minor 9s, Minor Add 9s, 11ths and minor 11ths into their chord progressions. (Pages 14 to 19)

Listen to this Rocking Sample

 Derryl teaches you how to play guitar freak shredding smoothly...

  • Want to really spice up your playing? Then throw in some dominant 9s with a few major add9s, dominant 11ths and dominant 13ths... and listen to these tasty, ear-bending combinations. (Pages 21 to 27)

"Guitar Freak" Yngwie Malmsteen

  • You'll be amazed when you see unlock the world of "modal progressions" (which is an extremely valuable composition tool used by today's cutting-edge composers and guitarists). You can consider yourself a true chord progression master once you integrate this powerful tool into your guitar kit. (Pages 30 to 37)

  • Try throwing in some sweet reharmonizations into your next music masterpice. It can propel any song or lead to the next level. (Page 38)

  • You'll love this insider secret called "Parallel Keys", which allows you to find parallel harmonies to get the key leading chord that your ear is naturally looking for. (Pages 40 to 41)

  • Every serious guitarists should learn how to play the melodic minor progessions on page 41 to 42. This is NOT your grandpa's minor chord progression - this is the PRO zone.

  • An awesome real-world example is tabbed out on page 43. It's a great example of how all these wild secrets can be put together in a real song.

Yes, You'll Fly All Over The Fretboard
at Break-Neck Speeds and Smooth Feel
With These Killer Fusion Shred Secrets

Press Play to Watch
Derryl Demonstrating "313313" Licks
(Don't worry you'll get tabs for all examples)

  • Discover one of Derryl's favorite techniques: The "1-3 method". By using this trick, you'll gain speed, articulation and top-to-bottom neck range. (Pages 79 and 80)

  • Then, on pages 81 to 83, Derryl shows you how to put your playing on steroids with the "313313" variation, which is a modern method to gain even more speed, sweet phrasing and range.

  • Then, we start entering the world of "Guitar Freaks" with heptatonics. Not even 1 guitar pro out of 1000 uses this hyper-advanced technique.

Even if You Learn Just 5% Of These Pro Secrets,
You'll Be Miles Ahead of Almost
Every Guitar Player On The Planet

You won't believe the sick licks you'll be creating when you start playing "digital patterns". Until now, this stuff has been virtually unknown except to a handful of the top guys. You'll be on the bleeding edge of guitar playing with these secrets. You'll learn how to play these patterns in "groups of 4" and "groups of 5". (Pages 99 to 106)

Want to play 100 miles per hour smoothly? Then, focus on page 113. This is an awesome technique that will add a whole new layer of power to your solos.

Discover how to "sweep the 4th" and "tap dance" on page 115. This tapping method is even beyond Eddie Van Halen. Also, the freaky "bidexteral tapping" technique on page 127 is yet even more amazing and advanced (you'll get 12 effective exercises to learn this hot trick).

Want To Learn How To Pick The String Once
And Smoothly Play 10 Notes Per Second?

You'll learn this and much more. In fact, there's 100 more pages of killer tricks and tips, such as:

  • Killer Legato phrases. Derryl Gabel is a true master of kick-ass legato phrasing and he's got 20 pages of detailed tabs, exercises and drills ready for you. Even if you learn just 1 of these babies, you'll be playing circles around 99% of experienced guitarists.

Listen to this Cool Sample

 This one is some sweet clean picking... bluesy spiced with a few shred licks.

  • Learn loads of killer licks from Derryl's hottest songs. You'll learn how to play these awesome tracks and incorporate them into your style of playing.

  • Discover how to "shoot the perfect note" with "target practice". This is a simple yet powerful concept that gives you the ability to play the perfect note in a solo on top of a chord progression.

  • You'll become a fusion Guitar God master when you learn how to "superimpose giant step cycles"

  • Save a decade of trial and error with 14 Fusion Guitar Solo formulas that you can start using right away.

DVD 5:
Outside Secrets II

Want even more tricks, tactics and techniques to spice up your solos? We got more guitar goodies for your bag of tricks:

  • More of Derryl's secret methods to add style and feel to your phrases.

  • How to use passing tones, chromatics, and approach notes to add additional flavor and sophistication to any musical phrase.

  • Easy-to-use, melodic motifs that you can use to build your vocabulary and create new sounds on your guitar.

  • Advanced strategies to help you understand and create your own sophisticated lines.

  • Plus, even more long lines to help jump start your improvisations and give you the insight to putting it all together.

And last, but not least...

DVD 6:
Creative Tapping Techniques

This final DVD will blow your mind, as you learn an exciting and creative approach to tapping licks.

As amazing as some of these licks are... believe it or not, this approach is fairly easy to master! You'll be using two of your fingers on your picking hand while still holding the pick.

You'll learn 50 of Derryl's coolest sounding tapping ideas that you can use to explore the fretboard and use to create your own over-the-top solos.

The ideas start out at a basic level and go all the way to some of the most extreme and mindboggling licks you have ever heard. Get ready to tap your way into some exciting new territory with this final DVD. It's an amazing addition to an unbelieveable package.

Press Play or Move Slider to Watch
Derryl Demonstrating a Wild Tapping Idea

Do You Have the Courage to
Enter the Guitar Freak Zone?

To become a real Guitar Legend, it takes dedication and courage. Right now, you need the courage to take action and invest in yourself.

It takes courage to trust a new teacher. However, Derryl Gabel is a man you can trust. He's got my highest recommendations and I know he's got what it takes to help you become a true Fretboard Freak.

I know we've never met in person, but if you've read this far, then I honestly believe you've got the passion it takes to become a mindblowing guitarist. All you're missing is the "how to". Just trust yourself... and trust Derryl. And the rest will happen automatically.

This is your chance to go from where you are now to the pro zone. Yes, I'm talking about joining the elite inner circle of pro guitarists. Imagine top pros are calling you, and emailing you to give you their kudos. Picture yourself jamming with these legends and afterwards, they give you compliments on your chops. THIS is your reality once you learn "The Ultimate Fusion Guitar Secrets".

By the way, if this package doesn't deliver on every promise I just made to you, I insist you send it back for a full refund. In fact, I believe in this product so much, I'm giving you 365 days to "use and abuse" this amazing system. Yes, a full year - that's how much I believe in our products, especially this one. If for any reason at all, you don't agree this was one of the best investments you've ever made in your guitar playing, just send it back and I'll refund every penny. You have nothing to lose and an entire universe of guitar secrets to gain.

Finally, you'll have all the missing links you've been searching for that you need to go to next level.

Here is what you need to do: Click on the link below to go to the "orderpage". Just choose the package of your choice, fill out your information, and you will be all set.


We'll rush these DVDs to your door and give you instant access to the technique book so you can get started immediately.

You got nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?

Keep rocking,

Claude Johnson

P.S. If you were skeptical, I can understand that. I was too. I'm just asking you to set aside your skepticism to take these "Ultimate Fusion Guitar Secrets" for a test drive. You'll be glad you did.

What Do Guitar Legends
Think of Derryl Gabel?

"It's like looking in the mirror."
Allan Holdsworth - (Pioneer of Jazz Fusion Rock)

"Who is this guy?...he is very talented! Besides having amazing chops he has a good sense of melody and phrasing."
Shawn Lane - (Voted #5 Best Shredder of All Time)

"Mind boggling!"
Brett Garsed - (Legato Records Artist)

"You're the best unsigned guitarist I ever heard! Those are sick licks! How do you do that?"
Greg Howe (Recording Artist, Top Studio Pro)

"After hearing that I'm going to have to go practice."
Joey Tafolla - (Shrapnel Records Artist)

"You're an incredible guitarist!"
George Lynch - (Lead Guitarist for Dokken, Lynch Mob, etc)

"Derryl is a gunslinger of the first order. A keen sense of when to burn and when to breathe puts him on the next level - a musician of the first order."
Guitar for the Practicing Musician 92

"Obviously great technique and skilled playing."
Frank Gambale - (Legendary Grammy-Winning Guitarist)

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