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Here’s the Ultimate Fusion Guitar Package

Are you ready to become a guitar freak?

If so, go to the page below immediately:



One of the world’s top guitarists has put together
the ultimate package for serious guitarists like you.
If you have the passion to become a Guitar God,
this is your chance. Check it out now:

Dedicated to improving your guitar skills,

Claude Johnson



Today’s a BIG DAY, plus you have a new video…

Today’s a BIG DAY because you’ll be able
to learn exactly how to rule the guitar neck and
play like a true Guitar God.

Derryl Gabel has put together one of the most amazing
packages ever.

In it, you’ll receive:

4 amazing DVDs
A 234 page “Guitar God Bible”
And some hot bonus tracks…

You can check out today’s video preview here:

In the video you’ll see:

How you can integrate wicked pentatonic groupings
that can make your lead sounds like a true Guitar God solo.
You’ll learn the groupings of 4 variation.

Here’s more of the secrets that you’ll be learning with the
“Ultimate Fusion Guitar Secrets Package”:

– How to break out of the pentatonic boxes to make
your solos sound fresh and exciting.

– How you can incorporate alternate picking, sweep picking,
economy picking and legato playing together to make
your playing sounds like a true guitar freak.

– Finally, learn how to fly from the bottom to the top of the
neck in less than 3 seconds smoothly and quickly.
This is the secret that guys like Satriani and Vai use all the time.
(watch this at 4:30).

Wait until you start using the vertical pentatonic patterns in
your licks. It’s going to take your playing to the next dimension.
No doubt about it. Pay close attention around the 20 minute mark
of this DVD. Gabel shows you tons of wicked variations of
this hot technique.

This package is NOT for everyone.

This is a MASSIVE course for serious guitar players who want to
join the “Elite” guitarists zone. However, I did negotiate a great deal
for you that will save you over $70.

Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple is a better choice.

If you’re a beginner who wants to become
an intermediate player, then Killer Guitar Control Secrets
is the best option for you: http://www.GuitarControl.com/main.php 

However, if you’re a pretty good guitar player and
you really want to go to the NEXT LEVEL, then
this is it.

Make sure to visit:

Get ready for the big leagues,
Claude Johnson

P.S. I almost forgot a very important point. I signed a contract
with Derryl to sell 1000 packages. After that, he has the rights
to cancel the deal, which means you’ll be paying A LOT more
for the same package if you can find it…



Here’s your first video lesson with Derryl

Hey folks, Claude J here again 🙂

There’s a cool, new video waiting for you.
It’s from Derryl Gabel. You can watch it here:

Click Here to Watch It

I spent several weeks negotiating an exclusive deal with Derryl for you.

Here’s what you get in this amazing package:
4 hardcore DVDs
A 250 page “Bible” of Guitar Fusion
3 Bonus Songs

It’s called:

“The Ultimate Guitar Fusion Secrets Package”

I went balls to the wall and I negotiated a DEEP discount for you.
You’ll be saving over $70.   www.fusionguitarsecrets.com/main.php


A Jazzy Guitar Track from Derryl

Yes, I’ve got another song from Mr. X
And this one sounds totally different (again).
This is an extremely JAZZY song.

Have a listen to it and share your thoughts…

PLUS, there’s also another written lesson.
It teaches you about “Dominant 9 and the Major Add 9”
Download it here.

Now, here’s some exciting news…

If you’re serious about become a great guitarist,
Derryl can help you. That’s why I spent several
weeks negotiating an exclusive deal with him for you.

“The Ultimate Guitar Fusion Secrets Package”  is now available.

Get ready to go to the next dimension,
Claude Johnson



Great Guitar Gifts from Derryl Gabel

Hi, Claude here again… Yes, we’ve got 2 gifts for you 🙂

Gift #1: another beautiful guitar instrumental

I love this song… Absolutely beautiful melodic phrasing
and over-the-top exotic guitar licks and solos…

Check it out and make sure to post your comments:


Gift #2…
Derryl  has another written lesson prepared for you.
It’s an awesome “6th Interval Exercise”.

Download the lesson here

This is just a tiny sample of the potent guitar wisdom inside Fusion Guitar Secrets.




Here’s the Foundation of “Shredding”

Hey Folks…Claude Johnson here again…I hope you’re enjoying
the new blog.

Want to learn the key to shredding?
If you do, then download your first lesson from Derryl Gabel now…
Click here to download it.

Get ready for the pro zone,
Claude Johnson



Listen to this beauty!

Slight change of plans today.
I was going to give you the first lesson
from today Derryl Gabel.  I decided to actually do that tomorrow.
It’s some advanced stuff, so get ready…

However, today I decided to give you another
mind-blowing song instead.

This one is some sweet clean picking… bluesy and melodic and
spiced with a few shred licks.

Just press “play” here to listen:

Please make sure to give me your comments
on this song too! I love your feedback…

Derryl rocks,
Claude Johnson


P.S. Tell your friends about this blog
and that they can get tons of advanced
lessons, videos and songs by entering
their name and their email here:



Are You Ready for some KILLER SOLOS?

Let me introduce you to “Mr. X.” (Derryl Gabel)
He’s truly a world-class player.
He’s personal friends with legends
like Greg Howe and George Lynch.

 This is HOT… Just press “play” here to listen:

Tomorrow, you’ll be able to download
an advanced guitar lesson.  So, make
sure to check out the blog daily.
There’s lots of cool stuff coming…

Get ready for the big leagues,
Claude Johnson